Tyler Kissell for University Lakes Justice of the Peace

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.

I, Tyler Kissell, am committed to upholding the honor of this position, and I look forward representing the citizens of this district.

About Tyler Kissell

Tyler Kissell has lived in the Valley of the Sun since 1984. Growing up in Litchfield Park, he moved to Tempe to attend Arizona State University. While in attendance at ASU, Tyler completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science, served as Vice President for the ASU chapter of the Young Democrats, and acted as the Field Director for the legislative campaigns of David Schapira and Ed Ableser. After graduating, Tyler

went on to teach preschool in South Africa as a volunteer. Upon returning home Tyler began working as a Securities and Annuities Agent for a mutual fund company in Scottsdale, where he still works today.

For many individuals, this will be the first and only contact they have with the justice system or the government. It’s imperative that the impression be one of fairness and impartiality, with the respect that our legal

system was founded upon. As Justice of the Peace, Tyler will act as a fair mediator for the constituents in this Precinct, regardless of the dispute.

For justice to persevere, it must hold true from the highest court to the lowest. As Justice of the Peace, Tyler Kissell will honor the procedures and rule of law which take precedence, no matter the size of the dispute.

What I Stand For

Commitment to an Accessible Justice System

I promise to ensure individuals who come before my bench will have a clear understanding of the charges before them. Individuals’ must understand their rights before they can exercise or waive them. This is a core tenant of our justice system, and must not be overlooked.

Commitment to Impartiality and Respect

I promise that all individuals will receive a fair hearing. Every case will be treated with the respect it deserves, regardless of the stakes. Both sides will receive the opportunity to present their case, and have it heard by impartial Official.

Commitment to the Community

I have a responsibility to my constituents beyond the bench. I will be an active leader in the community by increasing public awareness and education of pertinent legal issues.